Yahoo Data Breach Settlement

3 billion Yahoo users maybe eligible for a $358 payout as a result from multiple breaches from 2012 to 2016. California courts are in the process of reviewing a $117.5 million proposed settlement. Yahoo will be offering two years of credit monitoring services from AllClear ID, but if eligible consumers can verify they already use a credit monitoring service they can submit a claim for $100 instead (the actual amount could be up to $358, but depending on the number of claims submitted, it most likely will be less).

The Breaches
Two substantial breaches were reported in 2016: the first occurred in 2013, an unauthorized third party stole user data and then again in 2014. Yahoo reported the breaches were committed by a “state-sponsored actor”. Yahoo does not believe financial data such as bank account numbers and credit card information were accessed. However, Email accounts, passwords, and security questions were breached. Yahoo urges all account holders to change passwords and security questions to protect from future abuse.

Next Steps
Visit the Yahoo! Inc. Customer Data Security Breach Litigation Settlement website to file your claim or for more information.  All claims must be submitted by July 20, 2020

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Yahoo! Inc. Customer Data Security Breach Litigation Settlement 

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