“In 2020, as “a one-woman-show” on a very limited budget working with clients in the medical field I knew it was extremely important to be “safe” and “compliant”. I knew what this involved. What I wasn’t ready for was my most important tool to be headed to the technical grave yard. My laptop was dying a slow death. Before I knew it I was sitting with Michael and Gary of ITNS Consulting trying to revive my life and then it was GONE!! Such a sad, frustrating, and potentially business inhibiting time.

I had met Michael Arnold through a local network group (AmSpirit). Michael is extremely knowledgeable, approachable, and dedicated to working with the “small business” owner. I had gotten to a panicked state when my beloved laptop “died”. ITNS graciously looked at my system and found that there was no coming back ☹. What was I going to do?? I would have to take some time to find a laptop and then have it shipped and install everything, make sure it was HIPAA compliant, what was I going to have to spend (scary thought as a small business owner with limited resources) etc. Talk about being overwhelmed!!! Michael and Gary without hesitation came up with options – discussing all aspects – pro’s and con’s – with me. An immediate response without hesitation was to lend me a laptop of ITNS!!! Who does that?! Businesses that are trustworthy do!!! ITNS Consulting walks their talk!!

During this process I realized Michael and Gary are not only knowledgeable, but more importantly they talk in everyday terminology – not computer and security geek-verbiage. ITNS wants to educate their clients and make them more secure. Knowledge is power (excuse the pun) and being resilient and secure (yes another one) is more important than you know until you are inoperable!”