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Business level security goes far beyond just having anti-virus on the computers and keeping them updated. In fact, that’s not even scratching the surface. Yet, it seems to be the norm with far too many businesses. For some, it may be that they know they need to do better, but don’t know exactly what needs to be done, or where to begin. For others, it may be the assumption that it will be far too costly or time consuming to implement the necessary security measures to protect their business investment and their Client’s privacy.

Unfortunately, the reality is far more grim as many businesses have literally been misguided, either intentionally or unintentionally, with a false sense of security and stability by their IT service provider. In fact, many, if not most, “IT Service Providers” in Southern Wisconsin are actually Sales and Marketing people rather than Certified IT Security Professionals. But how would you ever know the difference?

Well, several "IT Service Providers" are touting they have “identified SIX crucial layers of security”. However, any Certified Security Professional worth their salt knows that there are actually as many as TEN Layers of Security in the combined Layered Security and Defense in Depth approach, and at least SEVEN of these layers are considered critical in order to provide an effective level of overall Security for a business.

Another way to reveal who is who rests in the tools that are used to Audit, Assess, and Identify Security Vulnerabilities and other Issues that negatively impact the business or its resources. There are a variety of "Click Next, No Experience or Expertise Required" tools available for the under qualified. Typically these types of tools are commonly used by Sales and Marketing people to help them close a deal by creating colorful reports with lots of confusing, and many times inaccurate, information in a manner that can look very intimidating to the untrained eye. In addition, these tools typically don’t provide much insight or resources for correcting the identified issues to the layman. But that’s the whole point of a “Sales Tool” … scare the prospect and seal the deal.

In contrast, real Security Professionals use a variety of expert tools that require extensive experience to Audit, Assess, and Identify Security Vulnerabilities and other Issues that negatively impact the business or its resources. Tools such as the Kali Linux Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking Suite, OpenVAS and/or Nessus Vulnerability Scanners, and the Metasploit Framework for identifying, defining, and testing exploitable vulnerabilities to name just a few. These professional tools are designed to identify real vulnerabilities, categorize their exploitability level, and provide deep technical insight on how to properly correct them. The reports are logically prioritized and categorized by their threat level with headings such as Informational, High, Medium, and Low in order to help the reader fully understand the findings in their entirety. If something is found to be in the High to Medium range by any one of these professional tools, it’s the real deal and should not be taken lightly as it can, and will be exploited.

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ITNS Consulting's Security Management Services

When it comes to Information Security there is no “One Size Fits All… Set It and Forget It” solution. True Information Security is applied in multiple layers with redundancy measures in place to maintain security and stability in the event that a preceding layer gets circumvented or otherwise compromised. This goes well beyond Firewalls, Email Filtering, and Antivirus programs. Although these items are still absolutely necessary, real Cyber Criminals can get past them with little difficulty if they are not configured properly, monitored, and maintained. Therefore, today's businesses require a fully scalable security approach tailored to meet their specific needs at every level of their operation. Our solutions are custom designed by Certified IT Security Engineers… not by sales and marketing people pursuing an opportunity to increase their profitability. In short, we provide a tried, tested, and proven security methodology, not just an “add-on” product or service marketed to create more revenue like so many other providers do.

Security Management and Business Continuity are NOT the same, but they complement one another and are equally important for ALL businesses.

ITNS Consulting specializes in assisting organizations just like yours with their Security Management needs such as:

Many of the Security and Business Continuity controls appropriate for your business are relatively easy and cost efficient to implement, manage, monitor, and maintain if properly applied by a certified professional. Don’t leave your business at risk, Contact ITNS Consulting today to arrange a FREE consultation and see what a partnership with ITNS Consulting can do for your organization’s Cybersecurity and Compliance needs.