ITNS Consulting - IT Support Pricing Models

The ITNS Consulting "Pre-Paid Block of Support Time" Pricing Model

Note: Pre-Paid support hours do not expire. ITNS Consulting bills for all labor, consulting, and support services in quarter-hour increments which will be accounted for in the Monthly Statement of Work which is delivered via Email every month. ITNS Consulting requires the ability to provide Monthly Proactive Network Maintenance which includes Microsoft Updates, 3rd Party Software Updates, and Network Infrastructure Software Updates for Routers, Switches, and other Peripherals.
Many of our clients start out this way in order to get to know us as a service provider.

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The "ITNS Managed IT" Pricing Model

The calculator example to the right is intended to demonstrate our flat rate monthly pricing model for a reasonably non-complex standard business network with:

Please note that this is purely for demonstration purposes and in no way does it show the true value of the services we provide behind the scenes. The primary key to this graphical approach is to show that we have taken into account many things that other providers overlook, and that we have flat rates for everything we do so there are no surprises when it comes to billing. This is important as every network and business need is different, therefore everything must to be taken into account when assessing the business.

The total monthly cost for this specific business is $2,870/month which means that the total ITNS Managed IT Contract cost for the year is $34,440. As you can see, the cost for this solution is far less than hiring a full time Certified IT Specialist with a full benefit package.

Some businesses may consider the ITNS Managed IT solution “Too expensive”. We politely ask in return, “Too expensive compared to what?” What is "Time" worth to your business? How much does your business value its reputation and its ability to serve and service its customers?
Have you ever measured the actual cost of downtime for your business to know exactly how much every minute costs your company?

Here is an example of a small business that is open from 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday with a yearly revenue of only $500,000.
This example also assumes that the business only operates 51 weeks of the year taking into account standard business holidays:

Let's assume that this business suffered an outage resulting in a full working day (9 hours) of down time to see the actual loss of revenue:

Now add to this the operational costs of employees and other office expenses like rent, utilities, etc., and the cost of the technician as well as any parts or other hardware necessary for the repair. Now let's add a little insult to injury... What about costs associated with unrecoverable data resulting in data loss? How about the possibility of losing a really big opportunity of a new client that could have been a serious game changer for your business? How badly was your business's reputation impacted by this outage? This can go on and on, but now you can begin to see just how quickly these costs add up and how the residual impact becomes very real... possibly even devastating depending on the nature of your business.

A business colleague once shared a story about when they moved into their new office building and needed to arrange a coffee vendor to bring in coffee for their 400+ employees. There happened to be a coffee distributor across the street so he thought "Wow, how convenient... I'll call them." He made the call and it just so happened that all of their systems were down and he was told that they could not help him today and to call back tomorrow. So, in turn, he did an Internet search for coffee vendors in the area and called the next closest vendor to his location. That vendor was able to service the request and was onsite with coffee supplies and machinery within the hour and has been servicing their coffee ever since. Now here's the punch line... His business has grown exponentially and spends approximately 5 million dollars in coffee and supplies each year with that very same vendor. In addition, the coffee vendor across the street from his office is no longer in business. Don’t let this happen to your business!!

ITNS Managed IT is a robust fully managed services solution where we become your professional, enterprise grade, IT Department complete with Vendor and Project Management with a clear focus on up to date Cybersecurity and Business Continuity in addition to providing Systems Engineering and Technical Support.

This is not a “One Size Fits All” solution and neither is its pricing as every business is unique when it comes to the business need, its processes, line of business software, and network equipment. Therefore, our solutions are specifically designed and tailored to the unique needs of your business. In order to properly assess the needs of a business, ITNS Consulting’s engineering staff performs a full “Business Assessment” for the prospective Client. Some of the features of the Business Assessment include interviews with the business owner, key staff, and stakeholders along with a full network diagnostic, an internal/external vulnerability scan, a security and compliance review, operational policy review, and much, much more.

The cost of the assessment is free for small businesses or other non-complex networks, typically less than 15 users. Larger businesses may incur a nominal cost for the Business Assessment to offset our expenses, however the entire fee paid will be credited to their account if the Business Assessment leads to an ITNS Managed IT contract.By utilizing ITNS Managed IT and other service offerings, your business will remain securely protected against cyber threats, system failures, and other costly issues that result in unnecessary and costly downtime.

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