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Secure Domain &
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Why is Secure Domain and Web Management so important?

We believe that securely managed and monitored Domain and Web Management is just as important as securing all of your other business assets. Like everything we do at ITNS Consulting with our Security First approach, Domain and Web Management is no different. When it comes to a business's brand on the Internet, the business's Domain name and other web related aspects are critical resources for your website's routing, reputation, and secure web communications. With that in mind, let's take a closer look at why Secure Domain and Web Management is so important...

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How Domain Names Work...

Your Domain Name is your organization’s brand on the Internet… and in many ways, it’s considered sacred. The purpose of an Internet Domain Name is similar to that of an address book. It’s an easy way for your customers and prospects to find your company’s website on the Internet. Just about every business has a website. Therefore, all of these businesses have Domain Names associated with their websites that were subscribed from a Domain Registrar.

Basic networking principles teach us that computers use numbers instead of words to identify and communicate with one another. These numbers are called IP Addresses, for example is one of the many IP Addresses used to access Google’s main website. Since humans and computers function very differently from one another, the Domain Naming System (DNS) was created to associate Domain Names with IP Addresses. This way, we humans only have to remember the Domain Name instead of trying to remember which IP Address goes where.

That’s why we get to Google’s main website by putting into the browser’s address bar. The computer checks the DNS server for, the DNS server replies back with the IP Address for the Domain Name requested, then your browser loads the content supplied from the web server at that IP Address. This of course all happens in a matter of milliseconds. But there's a lot more complexity going on behind the scenes...

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When Domains are subscribed from a Domain Registrar, the Domain Name is registered with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) along with the contact information provided at time of purchase. This is the entity that controls all of the Domains worldwide. This also means that the Domain is registered to whomever purchased the subscription for the Domain Name. We use the concept of “subscribe” because Domain Registrations have time limits associated with them and have to be periodically renewed based on this time limit. The maximum amount of time a Domain can be subscribed for is 10 years… which means eventually it will have to be renewed. Otherwise it can be scooped up and registered by someone else.

Every Domain Registrar is also a Primary DNS Name Server on the Internet. This means that all of your Domain’s DNS records can, and should, be managed from the Domain Registrar’s Website… regardless of where you choose to host your own website and other web accessible resources. Proper DNS Management takes a considerable amount of finesse because DNS Records are very powerful tools. DNS Records are used to route customers to your website, route Email to your mail host and then to your Inbox, and provide access to other company resources accessible from the Internet.

There are multiple types of DNS Records, each with their own specific purpose and each with their own Time to Live (TTL) defined in seconds. DNS Name Servers automatically replicate and update their DNS Records with one another until either the TLL is reached or the record has been propagated throughout the entire Internet… whichever comes first. This means that a DNS Record that has been assigned 14400 seconds for its TTL, will live and propagate throughout the Internet for 4 hours. However, this will seem like a lifetime if the DNS Record was accidentally misconfigured as that resource will likely be inaccessible until the TTL expires and the properly configured record becomes active.

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My web host takes care of all that...

We hear this a lot. We also hear about the horror stories that go along with it… and we’ve had to fix the mistakes multiple times. We’re pretty sure your web people do a good job making your website look nice and function properly. However, web people are not networking people and as such, should not be in control of routing your Internet accessible resources. There’s just too much at stake. We mean no offense to any web folks out there, it’s just that Internet routing is not what they were specifically trained to do. Besides, it's far more likely that your Networking and Security people will need access to your company’s DNS routing way more often that your web developer does.

There are other reasons, such as generating the appropriate certificate requests and Domain validation for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificates from Certificate Authorities (CA). SSL Certificates issued by a certified CA, if configured properly, are used to securely encrypt communication traffic between client computers and servers on the Internet. The use of misconfigured SSL Certificates can allow cyber criminals and other bad actors to compromise the security of the client/server connection in a variety of malicious ways

Here's how we do it Securely...

As Certified Networking and Security professionals, we act as Gatekeeper for the organization’s Internet Domains, resources, routing, and overall security. We utilize our Change Management process to ensure that all DNS Records and Internet Resources are fully documented and securely backed up. We also ensure that all of the appropriate DNS records exist, and are properly configured to prove the legitimacy of your Domain and its resources. We also ensure that every SSL Certificate is generated using a strong 4096-bit encryption algorithm for secure client/server communications. Whenever possible, we also verify that Internet facing resources are properly locked down and hardened to better their chances of survival against cyber attacks. We even manage your Domain ownership validation and renewal reminders.

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Here's how we can help with our
Secure Domain & Web Management Services…

ITNS Consulting is dedicated to providing the very best services to proactively support, maintain, and securely protect your business interests. Our suite of technology solutions are specifically designed to efficiently and effectively save time and money in addition to providing considerable value well beyond what many other providers offer. Here are just a few important reasons to consider our Secure Domain and Web Management Services and other solutions over what you may currently have in place: