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Not all data is intended for the cloud, therefore sensitive data should always be heavily guarded and maintained on-site. With that in mind, the cloud can still fuel business advantage through greater agility and reliability, decreased IT costs and various operational burdens, as well as provide infinite scale. However, most companies have not achieved the expected benefits from their cloud initiatives. This is often due to uncontrolled costs, a lack of appropriate governance mechanisms, and an overall cloud strategy that may fall short.

What do businesses want from Cloud Services?

We live in a time where we have the ability to enjoy some of the greatest technological advancements in all of human history. The sheer level of innovation that these technologies provide has inspired the imaginations of millions of businesses and their customers throughout the world. Most businesses are somewhat familiar with the Multi-Tenancy Model of Cloud Services such as those offered by Microsoft and Google. Both companies offer Email services along with document creation software, data storage, and data sharing among many other tools. Much of this is designed to answer the question “What do businesses want from Cloud Services?” such as:

  • Ease of Use
  • Accessibility and Mobility
  • Affordability

As you can imagine, the appeal to business is strong. However, before pursuing Cloud Services we must first determine whether the Cloud is really the right fit for your specific business, as the Cloud is not the right solution for everyone.

"What's the right fit for your business?"

Before moving to the Cloud, and or using Hosted Service Solutions, we must first address the question of "What's the right fit for your business?" There are many Cloud and Hosted Service Solutions that are relatively safe and secure that provide a direct benefit to businesses such as:

  • Communications – Email, Chat, VoIP, Video Conferencing, etc.
  • Security Products – Disaster Recovery, Antivirus, Email Filtering, Web Filtering, etc.
  • Various Line of Business Applications and Software Subscriptions

Assessing exactly what your business actually needs, and then weighing out the short and long term costs as well as the overall benefits in order to discern the actual value to the business, should be one of the first steps in making such a decision. But there's more to consider...

How much is too much for the Cloud?

Businesses have an inherent obligation to protect their own interests along with the privacy and interests of their clients and customers. With this in mind, there are many types of data that do not belong in the Cloud for security reasons. Proprietary data that includes, but is not limited to, business secrets, operational details, purchase orders, and vendor information should never be put in the Cloud. In addition, sensitive data such as employee and or client records that contain Personally Identifiable Information (PII) should never be placed in a Cloud or Hosted Environment. All data should be routinely checked and verified that it does not contain any sensitive data. The best advice is to never put something in the Cloud or a Hosted resource that cannot or should not be shared with the general public. Always be mindful that the “Cloud” is someone else’s computer that neither you, nor your business control.

Businesses should always be careful of putting their data in the cloud as it could come at a very high cost and become extremely painful if something bad happens. This could be something as simple as a service interruption or Internet outage, or something much worse like a data breach.


ITNS Consulting’s Cloud Transition process starts with a deep-dive into business imperatives. We then define a cloud strategy and an enablement plan as a stepping stone towards long-term IT optimization. ITNS Consulting works collaboratively with key stakeholders to create a cloud journey that enables each client to seize opportunity areas prioritized by their potential value to the organization, all while making sure to maximize security and minimize disruption to ongoing operations.
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Here's how we can help with your
Cloud Services...

ITNS Consulting is dedicated to providing the very best services to proactively support, maintain, and securely protect your business interests. Our suite of technology solutions are specifically designed to efficiently and effectively save time and money in addition to providing considerable value well beyond what many other providers offer. Here are just a few important reasons to consider our Cloud Services and other solutions over what you may currently have in place:

As a Microsoft Partner, we have the ability to leverage Microsoft’s cloud service offerings such as Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Dynamics, Office 365, Exchange Email, SharePoint, OneDrive, Skype for Business, and a whole lot more. Our experienced systems engineering team can work with Microsoft’s professional deployment teams to securely integrate these advanced technologies into your business. This is truly a win, as it unlocks the door for Customer Management, Collaboration, Application Deployment, and Advanced Security on a global scale.