Before making a giant leap...

Just how much value can you actually get from the cloud?
Let's have a good look and crunch the numbers.

Before you begin planning for the future, you need to know what you have now.
Do you know:

  • What is your projected monthly expenditure on-premises vs. in the cloud?
  • What tools do you currently have that you’re not using efficiently (or at all)?
  • Is there a way to securely provide users remote access to your existing infrastructure and data?
  • Is there an opportunity to consolidate vendors?
  • How many operating systems are running different versions of Windows?
  • How can you innovate to stay relevant in a competitive market?
  • Do you know where your security gaps are and how they will be corrected?
  • How would a change impact your end users?
  • How would a change impact your overall security?
  • How would a change impact your consumer’s privacy?

ITNS Consulting will provide you with a consultation with a senior member of our team to understand your business goals and challenges. We will conduct a complete a scan of your environment to create an inventory of desktop solution use and consumption, evaluate and map specific cost savings over time, including how to improve consumption and leverage existing tools more efficiently. Finally, ITNS Consulting will deliver a customized report and proposed next steps. Total timeline is 2-4 weeks, depending on complexity.


Discovery session with key stakeholders to determine cloud vision and identify gaps and opportunities

 Environment Utilization Scan
Complete environment scan with customized tools to create an inventory of your current state

Evaluate and map specific cost savings over time, including how to maximize and leverage existing investments

 Economic Assessment Report
Delivery of customized report with outcomes and proposed next steps

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