Business Continuity & Security Management

Are You Properly Protecting Your Business Purpose?

Since 2002, ITNS Consulting has been helping businesses implement and maintain information security programs and systems engineering services to protect our client's critical assets and thus enable them to carry out their business purpose in a safe and secure manner. ITNS Consulting’s purpose driven security approach leverages Risk & Threat Assessments as well as Internal/External Vulnerability Scanning and Business Continuity Analysis to define, prioritize, and optimize the appropriate security framework. The ultimate goal is to apply just the right amount of security controls to protect your organization’s mission as well as satisfy compliance requirements and the organization’s goals.

Managing security within the organization doesn’t have to be a daunting task. ITNS Consulting can provide the appropriate guidance, perspective, tools, and framework to prioritize and manage security initiatives so they successfully align with the organization’s unique business environment.

Our Business Continuity & Security Management services include:

Operational Risk & Threat Assessments = Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning
"Have you determined and defined the business critical risks and threats facing your organization and developed a strategic recovery plan?"

It all begins with a thorough and appropriate assessment of risk regarding internal processes and critical business assets and the impact of threats and vulnerabilities on the organization’s goals. ITNS Consulting can collaborate with the key staff of the organization to review and assess the business’s operational goals and conduct a complete Business Impact Analysis (BIA) and a Threat and Risk Analysis (TRA). Once the BIA and TRA has been conducted, the results are presented to the key members of the organization (and stakeholders if required). During this review period, the recovery objectives are defined and the perceived threats are categorized. Once the items have been categorized, a plan must be developed and tested for each item that has been identified to ensure Business Continuity and full Disaster Recovery for the organization if it were to face any one of the perceived threats.

Security Auditing, Review, and Policy Development
Do you actually know and understand the current security posture of your Organization?

ITNS Consulting can assess the current state of your organization's security program and make recommendations for improvement or, by leveraging our professional security management experience, design a custom security program for your organization. We create custom security programs and policies that provide incident response planning, complete business continuity, security awareness training, and appropriate security controls for the organization’s business critical data as well as the private information of the organization’s clients.

Below are just a few of the key areas ITNS Consulting can audit and manage for your organization:

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