ITNS Security Gap Assessment

“Without independent auditing and testing, it’s impossible to know where your company’s vulnerabilities are.”

Every day, businesses just like yours face numerous security threats and other issues that not only impede their ability to operate smoothly, but jeopardize their ability to operate at all. We firmly believe that every business deserves to be as secure and stable as possible. Therefore, everything we do is dedicated to business continuity and protecting your business’s ability to operate smoothly… even through a crisis. Our Business Security Gap Assessment is designed to point out areas in your business that are working well, and identify critical areas that need your immediate attention… before it’s too late!

We invite you to take advantage of this service regardless of whether you currently have your own in-house IT Staff or are working with another provider. You will find that our expertise, along with our ethical and unbiased approach, will be very beneficial as you and your team make critical decisions regarding information security, privacy, business continuity, and the overall future of your business operations.

What to Expect During the Gap Assessment:

There are four key parts to the Gap Assessment, and each have their specific purpose.

Administrative Interviews:

Primary stakeholders and key staff will be individually interviewed in order to gather operational perspectives and other information necessary for us to understand the business operation and its goals.

Technical Assessments:

Our Business Security Gap Assessment’s technical audit is specifically designed to assess the following areas:

      • Physical Security
      • Network Assets and Peripherals
      • Network Infrastructure
      • Active Directory Domain Services
      • Network Access and Share Permissions
      • On Premises Applications and Security
      • Hosted Applications (SaaS) / Cloud Storage Security
      • Security Policies and Procedures
      • Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan
      • Business Continuity Plan
      • System Documentation Review
      • Security Awareness Training for Staff Members
      • PCI-DSS / HIPAA Compliance (If Applicable)
      • Internal and External Vulnerability Assessment
      • Your Business’s Online Reputation
Compiled Data Analysis:

The data collected is compiled and analyzed (off-site) in order to identify items in line with industry best practices and areas which are in need of improvement. A final report is created from the compiled data along with recommendations to correct critical issues.

Executive Summary Presentation:

In a scheduled meeting at our office, we present the final report with an executive summary and supporting documents to the primary stakeholders. Recommendations are then reviewed and discussed in detail to ensure all points are easy to understand.

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