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A Message from Our President – “How we’ve dedicated our business to protecting yours”

Hello, my name is Michael Arnold and I am the Founder, President, and Senior Cybersecurity Engineer at ITNS Consulting, LLC which was established in January of 2002.

ITNS Consulting is dedicated to providing the very best Managed IT Support, Business Continuity, and Security Management services to proactively support, maintain, and securely protect your business’s interests. We do a lot more than just provide basic IT Help Desk Support for businesses like so many other area IT providers do. In fact, our suite of technology solutions are specifically designed to efficiently and effectively save time and money in addition to providing considerable value well beyond what any other IT Service Provider can legitimately offer. Here are just six important reasons to consider our Managed IT Support and other solutions over what you may currently have in place:

1. Flat Fees = Predictable Costs: We offer premium value to our Clients at a reasonable and consistent monthly price. When you sign up for Managed IT, you not only get proactive IT Support custom tailored to your business’s needs, but an entire team of Experienced Certified IT Professionals at your service. Since our focus is on service rather than sales, product purchases and renewals are provided as a pass-through expense at our cost… with no additional markup to boost our profitability. That's right... you pay what we pay. Now that's an incredible savings that delivers the peace of mind you'll be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

2. Education, Certifications and Experience: Unlike many of our competitors, every member of ITNS Consulting’s Engineering team has earned a reputable College Degree specifically in Information Technology, Industry recognized IT Certifications, and a minimum of 5 years of experience specifically in the field of Information Technology. In addition, our engineers are required to maintain Continuing Education requirements as a condition of their continued employment.

3. End to End Security: When it comes to Information Security there is no “One Size Fits All… Set It and Forget It” solution. True Information Security is applied in multiple layers with redundancy measures in place to maintain security and stability in the event that a preceding layer gets circumvented or otherwise compromised. This goes well beyond Firewalls, Email Filtering, and Antivirus programs. Although these items are still absolutely necessary, real Cyber Criminals can get past them with little difficulty if they are not configured properly, monitored, and maintained. Therefore, today's businesses require a fully scalable security approach tailored to meet their specific needs at every level of their operation. Our solutions are custom designed by our Certified IT Security Engineers… not by sales and marketing people pursuing an opportunity to increase their profitability. In short, we provide a tried, tested, and proven security methodology, not just an “add-on” product or service marketed to create more revenue like so many other providers do.

4. Trusted Advisors: We’re not “Sales and Marketing people” … we’re Certified IT Engineers. Our goal is to be informative enough for your organization to make an educated and equitable decision without the techno babble marketing hype. Our recommendations are based purely on the business need, unbiased product performance reviews, durable warranties, customer support, and of course the client’s overall return on their investment. We feel this is extremely important in building strong relationships with our clients as their trusted business, technology, and security advisors.

5. True Business Continuity: When it comes to Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, ITNS Consulting provides far more than just a backup solution. We provide complete Business Continuity and the peace of mind that your core systems and business data will remain secure and available 24x7x365. By utilizing our Managed IT, Business Continuity, and Security Management Services, your business will remain securely protected against cyber threats, system failures, and other costly issues that result in unnecessary down time and expense.

6. Additional Resources and Training: Does your business have a company handbook that incorporates critical security measures like Non-Disclosure Policies, Acceptable Use Policies for network equipment, Secure Data Handling Policies, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policies, Password Management Policies, Social Media Policies, Cloud Computing Policies, Data Loss Prevention Policies, etc.? How about annual, semi-annual, or quarterly in-depth Security Awareness Training for staff members that provide measurable results to keep the front line of your business secure? Do you need assistance with PCI-DSS, HIPAA, or other security related Compliance Management? Our Certified IT Security Engineers can manage all of this and more to ensure the integrity and security of your business and privacy of your clients.

I invite you to arrange an appointment with me to determine whether a partnership with ITNS Consulting could provide more value and a better return on your technology investment than what you may currently have in place.

Schedule your appointment today and discover how ITNS Consulting's Managed IT, Business Continuity, and Security Management solutions can significantly benefit your business and provide a better return on your technology investment.

Our Key Staff Members
In order to meet the complex needs of our Clients, ITNS Consulting's staff is comprised of highly trained and experienced industry certified professionals. Below are a just a few of our key staff members:

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