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A Message from Our Founder – “How we’ve dedicated our business to protecting yours”

Hello, my name is Michael Arnold and I am the founder and Senior Systems Engineer / Senior Cybersecurity Engineer at ITNS Consulting, LLC which was established in January of 2002.

Since 2002, ITNS Consulting has been dedicated to providing our clients the very best in Managed IT Support, Business Continuity Services, Security Management Services, and Custom Web Development along with many other business critical services. Most small to medium sized businesses cannot afford their own full time IT staff. Therefore, our mission is to help these businesses with affordable solutions that will make their business more versatile, secure, and functionally more productive.

The purpose of ITNS Consulting from its onset was primarily managed IT support services specifically for businesses. These services included system analysis and design, networking and peripherals, workstation and server deployment, troubleshooting, maintenance, and migrations along with many other services that you would find in a typical Managed Services Provider (MSP). In addition to our managed IT support services, we also provide website and custom application development services that include Email hosting and filtering services, web hosting, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), web application and content updates, and website backup and recovery services.

Among other key skills, I have personally accumulated over 35 years of computer and networking related experience and over 27 years of business and project management experience. In addition, I have earned two Applied Sciences Degrees; one for IT Networking and another for IT Security graduating at the top of my class with highest honors for each. I have also acquired several information technology specific certifications:

I am currently in the process of acquiring the CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) and Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certifications.

In addition to my work with ITNS Consulting, I have accumulated over 15 years of real world experience working in both corporate IT environments and as a Senior Engineer for three reasonably large Managed Service Providers in Southern Wisconsin. In total I have supported, upgraded, maintained, and secured over 250 dissimilar business networks ranging from small businesses to medium sized enterprise organizations. Those business entities include:

So, what do all of these business entities have in common? All of these business entities require durable trusted secure networks in order to protect their organizational data, their end users, and their client’s data. What I have found throughout my many years of experience is that true end to end security for many businesses is at best… an afterthought. As a highly trained professional, and an average consumer, I find this completely unacceptable and comprehensively avoidable.

In response to this matter, I chose to restructure our IT Support Service offerings by adding services entirely focused on assessing and providing ample security measures designed to proactively combat the ever-growing cyber threat. By taking advantage of ITNS Consulting’s Managed IT along with our Business Continuity & Security Management services, our clients receive; unbiased professional IT security auditing, vulnerability assessments, risk and threat analysis, security awareness training, and testing services specifically designed for today’s modern businesses at affordable rates.

Contact us today to see how our Managed IT, Business Continuity, and Security Management programs can benefit your business.

Our Key Staff Members
In order to meet the complex needs of our Clients, ITNS Consulting's staff is comprised of highly trained and experienced industry certified professionals. Below are a just a few of our key staff members:

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