The ITNS Advantage

The ITNS Advantage - “We’ve dedicated our business to protecting yours”

Whether your organization is in need of IT Support, System Engineering Services, Business Continuity Services, Security Auditing and Training, or Compliance Guidance, it is important to understand how ITNS Consulting stands apart from our competitors and how these key factors significantly benefit your organization.

We understand that it can be difficult for business owners and key stakeholders to discern fluff from fact when it comes to the world of Information Technology and the companies that claim to support these ever-expanding technologies in relation to your unique business needs. So, let’s set aside the fluffy marketing hype for a moment and explore just a few of the facts that differentiate ITNS Consulting from other IT Service providers.

College Degrees, Certifications, Continuing Education, and Experience
There is much to be said for IT professionals that have earned their Computer Science Degrees from an accredited college along with pursuing technical certification and continuing education. These factors alone are excellent indicators that the individual has not only achieved professional expertise in what they do, but this level of dedication to their craft is a sign of passion rather than someone just looking to earn a paycheck. In addition, it’s an indicator of strong commitment not only to themselves and their employers, but also to the clients they consult and support. Some days they are system mechanics diagnosing and solving a problem, some days they are firefighters dealing with viruses and malware, other days they are like doctors and dentists that consult and prescribe proactive preventative care. No matter what comes their way, you can always count on their professionalism and expertise because they live it, they love it, and most of all… they can prove they earned it.

Costs, Fees, and Hidden Markups
“Our cost-effective purpose driven approach to our service offerings are unparalleled in the industry of Information Technology.” Yeah, we’ve all heard that line before and it rolls off the page like complete fluff… but in our case it’s absolutely true, and here’s why:

Suppliers, Vendors, and Channel Partnerships
As technology consultants, we are constantly bombarded with invitations from vendors to join their "Channel Partner Affiliations". After all, the primary goal of most channel partnerships is “Vendor Locking”, not only for our business, but our client’s businesses as well. As a matter of ethical distinction we are extremely careful with selecting our supplier, vendor, and channel partner affiliations. We refuse to be persuaded by marketing hype or be motivated to make “X” amount of sales to get to the next “Partner Discount Level". In short, we only work with suppliers, vendors, and channel partners that do not require us to have a minimum sales quota in order to maintain our partnership. Here’s how we differ from our competitors:

A Final Word
We are not “Sales people” at ITNS Consulting. We are IT Systems Engineers and IT Security Engineers. Our insightful staff will always do their best to break down difficult to understand “Techno Babble” into palatable easy to understand business sensible terms. Our ultimate goal is to be informative enough for the organization to make an educated and equitable decision without the techno marketing hype. We feel that this is extremely important in building strong relationships with our clients as their trusted business, technology, and security advisors.

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