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10 Cybersecurity Questions You Should Be Asking Your IT Vendor

In Cybersecurity, Tips, Vulnerabilities by ITNS Consulting

Many businesses use third-party IT vendors that, host, store, process, or access information records and supply management of the technology infrastructure related to their organization. Far too many IT providers use “Security” as a buzz word to foster higher sales rather than actually possessing verified working knowledge and experience to securely manage business networks. This is a situation that should never be taken lightly, as your business and its clientele are truly at risk in doing so.

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6 Tips to make your passwords better

In Tips by ITNS Consulting

Passwords… they’re everywhere. How many passwords do people use everyday? Far too many, that’s for sure. Passwords are the gatekeeper to keeping your business and personal information secure… but are your passwords effective? Do you use complex passwords to protect your sensitive data? Some of us do, but most don’t. Here’s a list of 6 tips to make your passwords better:

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Equifax Breach Settlement

In Data Breach, News by ITNS Consulting

According to the FCC’s website, a settlement has been reached in the Equifax data breach reported in September 2017 which affected 147 million people. The initial reports stated individuals could file for a $125 cash payment or credit monitoring services, but in an article

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Hello World!

In News by ITNS Consulting

That’s right folks… ITNS Consulting’s new website is now live! WooHoo!!! Its been a long time in the making, and countless hours of effort and of course some frustration along the way… but the journey has been well worth it. And so it is with many things in life… its not only about the destination, but the journey that goes …