The Ultimate Business IT Solution Provider…

ITNS Consulting specializes in delivering comprehensive Managed IT Services catered specifically to small and medium businesses throughout the United States, that are also seeking assistance with their Cybersecurity, Compliance, and Digital Risk Management.

With us, you’ll have your own dedicated IT director, access to a team of experts, and top-tier support from our help desk, all at a lower cost than hiring your own IT staff.

The Ultimate Business IT Solution Provider…

ITNS Consulting specializes in delivering comprehensive Managed IT Services catered specifically to small and medium businesses throughout the United States, that are also seeking assistance with their Cybersecurity, Compliance, and Digital Risk Management.

With us, you’ll have your own dedicated IT director, access to a team of experts, and top-tier support from our help desk, all at a lower cost than hiring your own IT staff.

Our Method


We start by taking a good look at your business and provide you with a clear service proposal based on your needs.


We thoroughly clean up and document your computers and other technology so that we can manage and support it efficiently.


We install our remote support tools and continue to proactively manage and support your people, processes, and technology.

Benefit 1


We’ll be your “Super Power” by letting us proactively manage and support your people, processes, and technology.

We’re always ready to serve whenever you need us.

Benefit 2


Does dealing with your Internet, Phone, Copier, Email, Web Hosting, and Software Vendors feel like an unpleasant game of “Whac-A-Mole”? Are you tired of them blaming each other for your technical issues rather than getting the problems resolved?

We speak their language, so let us deal with all of them for you!

Our team at ITNS Consulting will manage all of your technology vendors on your behalf to ensure everything works exactly as it should so you can focus on running your business.

Benefit 3


By sharing our team of experts, you get your very own IT Department at a fraction of the cost of hiring separate internal resources.

You’ll also gain access to higher levels of expertise such as Cybersecurity, Compliance, Technology and Business Consulting, Project Management, User Training, and so much more.

Benefit 4


We’ll help make your business more streamlined and efficient by using technology the right way so you can maintain a competitive edge allowing you to focus on running your business with ease.

Wouldn’t it be nice to improve your business’ efficiency and productivity so it can generate more revenue?

Benefit 5


You have better things to do than manage your computer systems and other technology. You can stay in control of cost and direction, while we sweat the details.

What could you accomplish with more free time?

Benefit 6


Who has access to your confidential documents? What if they get stolen? Are your backups actually working properly? Can you easily recover from a system outage or security incident? How long will it take? What will it cost? What happens in the mean time? Can you keep generating revenue?

Is any of this or other concerns standing in the way of having true “peace of mind” about your business and its resiliency from calamity and disaster?

Let us worry in your place so you can start catching up on that “good night’s sleep” you’ve heard so much about, and gotten so little of.

Benefit 7


On-call computer support companies increase their profitability when your technology breaks down. They profit on your PAIN!

Our business model, based on a monthly fee, ensures that we work extra hard at maintaining your systems and preventing issues before they occur.

That’s because we’re the most profitable when everything works perfectly… just like you.

Feature 1


The faster a question gets answered or an issue gets resolved, the faster everyone can get back to work.

Just give us a call or send us an Email and your issue will be quickly resolved by one of our expert team members.

Feature 2


We can help you get where you want to grow. That’s because we understand your business, not just your technology!

Your dedicated IT director will assist you with all matters that fall outside the scope of support such as cybersecurity, compliance, technical training, vendor relationships, strategic planning, equipment purchases, special projects, and more.

Feature 3


Although this is considered “Table Stakes” in the IT world, it’s still a still critical function for the efficient operation and security of your business.

We’ve standardized configurations and automated server and computer maintenance tasks to keep your services and devices running smoothly while increasing their useful life.

We also keep your software, operating systems, and cloud services up to date to ensure optimal security and stability.

Feature 4


We keep an eye on your systems at all times and provide a fast response to all types of incidents.

Our experienced system administrators handle the management of those issues as part of your support plan.

Feature 5


“A backup that is not tested is not a viable backup!”

That’s exactly why our client’s backups are tested every single day. Obsessive? Maybe. But its far better to be safe than sorry.

We provide and manage a complete backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity solution with multiple levels of redundancy so that you never lose an important file or suffer system outages that keep your business from operating.

Feature 6


We manage your Endpoint Security, Spam Filter, VPN, Firewalls, WiFi, Microsoft Cloud Services, and more.

We also supply Security Training, Security Policies and Procedures, and help you manage your Business’ many Compliance requirements while minimizing your Digital Risk.

All of which are necessary for staying secure and compliant with business contracts, industry and insurance requirements, and the law.

Feature 7


We’ll maintain up-to-date documentation of your computer network and other technologies as well as an inventory of your systems, warranties, licenses, technology vendors, and other digital assets.

We’ll also help you create a “refresh plan” that will help you budget so that you’ll be mentally and financially prepared when its time to update or upgrade equipment, licensing, and other items.

Feature 8

Project Management

Want to test out new technologies to see if they benefit your business? Looking to change your line of business apps or integrate a new one into the mix? Need to plan an office move or add a new location?

No problem, we got you covered!

Our team of experts are at your disposal to assist with planning, procurement, and execution of your projects whether big or small.

Option 1


If you’re storing business data in the cloud such as Microsoft 365, or you work in a regulated industry that requires you to archive your client’s sensitive data and Email, we have the perfect solutions for you!

Option 2


Microsoft 365 provides powerful features such as robust Email services with contact management, calendar sharing, mobile device sync, the entire Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access, Outlook, etc.), OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, and a whole lot more.

As a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, we can supply you with the tools to help your business succeed!

Option 3


We can host your website and manage your Domain and DNS services for you.

Our high-performance hosting services are offered exclusively to our managed customers and includes sysadmin-level support.

Option 4


If your website or web application is an integral part of your business, traditional web hosting might not be enough.

Our Web Operations Team can provide you with scalable, high-performance and high-availability web hosting infrastructure backed with enterprise-level guarantees.

Option 5


Voice over IP (VoIP) phone services are quickly gaining popularity and provide communication  solutions that are cheaper, more flexible, and far more feature rich than traditional telephone systems.

Option 6


We can compliment your existing IT team by providing governance, help desk, system administration, monitoring, and project consulting as independent services.



Here’s what they’re saying about ITNS Consulting:

“One of the most important business decisions I have ever made as a Financial Advisor was to hire ITNS Consulting as my Managed IT, Cybersecurity, and Compliance provider.”

Daniel Dodd, CFP®, AIF®

Regional Director, Retirement Plan Advisors

“I have to say I am so happy I met Michael Arnold. His level of knowledge, expertise, authenticity and trustworthiness is unmatched.”

Collen Frentzel

Agent, American Family Insurance

“Working with a company well versed in HIPAA compliance gives me great peace of mind. I’m in the best of hands with ITNS Consulting, and I highly recommend them!”

Ashly Lantz

Agent, Medicare 411

“ITNS Consulting walks their talk!! Michael is extremely knowledgeable, approachable, and dedicated to working with the “small business” owner.”

Liz Mueller-Folts

Owner, Your Assistant

“It gives me peace of mind knowing that I have an IT team that cares about the success of my business and shares in the quality over quantity business model.”

Shaunte McCullum

Owner, Endearment Unlimited

“ITNS has been instrumental at helping me keep my business secure in a world where every time you turn around someone is getting hacked.”

Michele Davis

Business Owner, MRINetwork


Most businesses think they’re too small to worry about security and compliance.

However, every business is subject to data privacy and security requirements by law.

On top of that, hackers prey on smaller businesses because they’re easier targets.

Don’t wait until your business suffers a catastrophic incident to invest in quality Managed IT Services that include the security and compliance essentials your business needs.

Be proactive and schedule your free consultation today!

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